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會務報告 Announcements

  • By Kenneth Ng
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  • January 13, 2013

建堂消息: 本省門諾弟兄聯會及加拿大門諾弟兄會聯會已就本會建堂之需要,於上週開會後已作出回應。兩會均表達對本堂建堂工作的支持。並迅速地以書面方式批出增加本堂貸款上限至$2,000,000。建堂委員會現正繼續與兩級聯會進行對話,希望能澄清在建堂貸款方面之各項事宜。請弟兄姊妹繼續為建堂款項上的籌措祈禱。 Building Project Update: The BCMB and CCMBC have jointly given a written response to us after last week’s meeting. Both conferences are very supportive of our building project. They immediately increased our upper mortgage limit to $2,000,000. The Building Committee is still in dialogue with them to clarify matters relating to the mortgage arrangement. The committee is asking brothers and sisters to continue praying for this ongoing process.

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