VCLC 15th Anniversary Sharing

To Build or Not to Build?

Let start with some of the reasons for not building our own church,

  1. We do not have the money. i.e. we cannot afford this;
  2. We are not in unity yet;
  3. We do not have enough members;
  4. We are not ready for this;
  5. We can continue to rent.

I am sure some of us have one or more of the above in mind when we broach about this topic. These are not just good questions but fair ones to ask!

Where does that leave us? Are we ever ready to build then?

One of my greatest moments with God after I joined the Logos Church was when I saw how God turned the impossible into possible. I have been a member of the building committee for a number of years. We have inspected quite a few potential properties for building our own church thru the years. We were excited and then disappointed for one reason or other until we come across this property at Granville and 52. We never knew that it was possible to turn an existing residential house into a church. Being at the prime location and fit the vision that we had all along.

We have heard the saying that timing is everything. Indeed, the state of our church was in a mess as far as unity is concerned. We have members but we were divided. There were no sign that we can buy this property.

What do we do? We kneel down before the Lord and pray. The result was obvious with hindsight. What could not have happened became a reality?

I have nothing to say but a challenge to everyone. In face of uncertainty and what appears to be impossibilities, tell me, what did you do and what have you done?

Come and let us join in prayer on Wednesday night. Let us bring all our questions to the Lord together. Let us once again experience the blessings from God in a fashion that is overwhelming.

Despite the difficult state our church was in, one thing that Pastor Kwok had done right was to lead us all in prayer. I remembered those early Sunday morning prayer meetings devoted just for the building of our church. God does not count the number of people at a prayer meeting, He does what He thinks is right. He is once again waiting for us to respond humbly in prayer.

What is more gracious than to let us be part of this project when God alone can turn ‘ have not’ to ‘ have’?

Now that our church is under the leadership of Pastor Owen Leung and as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, let us not just ask questions but dedicate 5 minutes a day in prayer just on this building project. I am certain that we will all witness how bountiful and faithful our God is!

Chris Ho